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Your Local Toyota Dealers Maryland has tips to Prevent Your Car From Rusting

Avoiding Rust!

Published September 29, 2016

No one likes rust on their car. Not only is it unsightly, but it can lead to further damage, the more it spreads. It can be prevented though, and your local Toyota dealers Maryland are offering up tips on how to prevent your vehicle from rusting.

Frequent Washes

You may think of water as a main component of rust, but there are plenty of other things that cause it. Things like salt, dirt, and other road debris can sit on your car and slowly eat away at the body and undercarriage. Washing at least every two weeks will prevent this from becoming a problem. If you live near the ocean, you may have to wash even more frequently. Add a coat of wax every month for added protection as well.

Keep the Inside Clean

What happens inside does not stay inside, when it comes to your car and rust. If you spill food or drinks, clean them up immediately. Otherwise liquid can leak through the floor and onto the undercarriage or body and cause hidden rust. When you wash the carís interior, make sure you leave the doors open to air it out and dry completely.

Keep your Eyes Peeled

You should examine your car frequently for rust so that it can be addressed before it spreads. If you see blistering or bubbling, rust is on the way. If you see these signs, donít panic. You can purchase a special sealant that stops rust from forming on any part of your carís paint that has been affected. Touch the area up with paint once the sealant is thoroughly dry.
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