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3 Reasons a Toyota Scion Makes a Great Date Vehicle

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Published September 29, 2016

Need a car that pushes a little more romance into your life? A Toyota Scion car might be exactly what you need, for three powerful reasons.

They Look Attractive
There’s no doubting that all Scion models have maintained a heavily sculpted, night-car look. Made to shine and reflect against single light sources, all Scion vehicles look stellar on a date night, and have the pleasant interior to keep a date comfortable.

They’re Affordable
Though Scion vehicles have the general appearance of a ritzy sports car, their 2016 lineup has MSRPs as low as $17,595 for the iA. A date who knows the average Scion price will see that you care about style, and a date who knows nothing about cars will think you own a $30,000+ luxury coupe. Add good fuel economy on top of that, and you’ll show how you can be frugal while still living it up.
They’re Reliable
Scion vehicles have an overall solid track record, regularly showing up on lists of the most reliable cars of a given year. Scion has a reputation just like that of Toyota: good performance and low maintenance. There’s nothing more frustrating that having a hot date sour from a sudden pull-over, or having to call a tow truck, and these situations are much less likely when you’re a Scion owner.

All in all, Toyota Scion models communicate that you look past the obvious choices in order to get a reliable, snazzy, and affordable vehicle with plenty of horses under the hood. Schedule a test drive with us, and we’ll help you decide which Scion model will work best for you.

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